Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gymnastics fun!

Today we had a lot of fun in our gymnastics class! We are learning to strengthen our core and keep steady so we do not fall. 

Wow Jesse! 
Aaron was jumping really high to make sure his skipping rope was getting under his feet.

Planting our Little Garden

Today we received our little garden full of sweet peas and flowers. We talked about how the soil had been dehydrated and we needed to add water to hydrate it so we could plant our seeds. 

We all made a bit of a mess, but it was good fun planting our seeds.

World of Maths

We had an exciting maths day today! We had so many activities to try and see how maths can be fun and all about puzzle solving.

Ms Campbell came to give some of our groups a hand with the puzzles! She was really helpful when we got stuck. 

Norman was using a mirror to make shapes. 

It was very helpful having the Year 4s with us to solve some of the trickier maths problems. 

Go Dorothy and Alyssa for putting together the problem together.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stop Motion films

In Bishop class we have been experiementing with stop motion films using our knowledge from our inquiry on life cycles. 

Gaylene has made a stop motion film on the life cycle of a butterfly.

Raad's film is all about the life cycle of the plant. Really great to see him be creative in using a pencil to show the plant growing up.


Jashaia and Aaron worked together to make a stop motion film about the life cycle of a chick. 


Kali and Alyssa have also worked together to create their stop motion film. It is great to see them adding credits at the end so people can see who has made the stop motion film.

Our last day with our fluffy friends

Today was our last day with our fluffy friends. Bishop class had a chance to look after them and finish off their chick diary. 

Vaa was very gentle with his chick.

Norman holding the chick.                    Mercia making sure the chick has her best side to the camera.

 Reiko was nervous at first to be looking after the chicks but he was very brave and soon the little chick was asleep in his hands.

Mohit's learning about Sharks

Mohit has created an awesome explain everything about his book about sharks!


Our diaries about our chicks

This term we have enjoyed the learning experience of watching eggs hatch to give us chicks that we could then learn about and watch grow. Each student had a chance to document their learning and the process of the chicks hatching. Have a look at these amazing diaries. 

Kali has created an amazing diary with examples of his chick habitat he made, his learning for a life cycle of a chicken and more.

Dorothy has worked hard at her diary as well and it looks great!

Gabriella really enjoyed having the chicks in our class and the chance to hold them. Have a look!

Mercia's diary is a great peek into what we have learnt and how much she enjoyed our chicks!